Partner and affiliated groups are the lifeblood of reenacting. Together we keep the history and the memories alive. Without them we could not do this. We thank them for their support, cooperation, and friendship over the years and look forward to many more years of fun and education to come.

Reenactment Units

Kampfgruppe Franzky - We work seemlessly with KG Franzky both in battle and the barracks. It is always a pleasure to field with KG Franzky. Top Notch guys!

7. Kompanie "Grossdeutschland" - One of the best. Their efforts to host "Nordwind" are amazing and their company is always welcome. A great unit to work with. 

Event Organizers

7. Kompanie "Grossdeutschland" - Operation Nordwind at Fort indiantown Gap

The World War II Historical Association - Battle of the Bulge at Fort Indiantown Gap

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum - They put on the amazing WWII Weekend Air Show

Bridge at Remagen - Bridge at Remagen Tactical and public Battle in Tidioute, PA

The Collings Foundation - Battle for the Airfield in Stowe, MA

Fusilier Bataillion 272 - Odessa Tactical in Odessa, NY

78th Infantry Division World War II Living History Association - Battle for St. Vith at:

Fort Mifflin on the Delaware