AAR for Reading Air Show - 2018

June 10 1944 - Near Caen, France.

It was with a heavy heart and somewhat disbelief when we were informed of the Invasion of France. The battle we had trained so hard for had finally come only to be stuck on the Ostfront. We quickly were given the word and with great speed and determination we quickly assembled for the train ride West. Our spirits were high we knew this is would be the fight of our lives and the fate of our beloved Fatherland hung in the balance!

The train ride West was uneventful and our Company of Stug’s quickly assembled for the Road March West. It would be a rather typical 20 Kilometer trip to a small French village near Caen. Upon our arrival we quickly set up camp near the Village. I parked my Stug with the recon element and decided we needed to form a plan and after an exchange of ideas we retired for the night. 

In the Morning we assembled for formation and tension was high as it was noted the Allies might be approaching the village and the recon went out on patrol to make sure we were not surprised. All seemed well when the day was broken up by the drone of aircraft. Parachutes were seen and the Allies were trying to drop behind our lines but the Paratroops had missed their mark and were in front of our recon element.  

 We pounced on them and seem to have the upper hand when out of nowhere Allied infantry rushed to support them. We fought to a stalemate and managed to throw them back. We then retreated to our camp to set up a counter attack. The Allies might have a foothold in France but we will defend every inch of ground. They will not have an easy time of it.

2018 marks our 11th year at the Reading Air Show for the 9th SS Hohenstaufen, and it was a very typical Reading. The Track and Stug were displayed along with a small arms display along with some machine guns. The heavy rain forecast kept us from bringing the 37MM Flak gun. It was the first time in Airshow history at Reading which featured not one but two B-29’s and it was quite a sight to see them flying together. The Hearts and minds program was in full swing. Arnie and I had very little free time answering questions and taking pictures with the public. Once again, we hosted some members from the 1st SS LAH and they were helpful with the show. Many thanks to everyone that attended and help with talking and interacting with the public. Your professionalism is what makes Reading such a huge success and makes our unit one of the most Elite SS unit’s in Reenacting. 

Haputshafuhrer Jochien Michien ( John Mick)

7. Company

9. SS Hohenstaufen