Weihnachtsfest is Approaching! And I love it!


Ahhhh, I love this time of year. Cool days. Cold nights. Frost on the glass. Cuddling with your Fraulein. It's a time when Erika and I plan and prepare not only Thanksgiving for our close family, but the Weihnachtsfest for the whole unit! She is a marvel and amazing cook. We couldn't do this event without her. We also need to thank several others who help put this together for the unit. There is lots of prep, purchase, keg, and carry to be done by all our helpers. We do this for the soldaten and their families to try, in some small part, to thank them for their dedication, loyalty, and hard work over the previous year. It's a time to relax and unwind with our second family.

A small sampling of what's on the agenda this year: Rouladen, Jagerschnitzel with Brown Mushroom Gravy, Spaetzle, Gulash, Pit Roasted Schwein, Red Cabbage with Apples, and more desserts than you can shake a StuG at! All home made! Live music. Singing. Dancing. Many smiles and much Kameradschaft!

I am really looking forward to this year's Weihnachtsfest. It is one of my favorite nights of the year. It will be great seeing you all.