AAR for the Battle of the airfield - Collings Foundation event

October 2 1944, Luftwaffe airfield, Aachen Germany.

We were ordered to support and relieve our Kameraden of the 1st SS near the City of Aachen Germany. The Allies have been bombing day and night. In the first attack the line held and the Allies were thrown back. Unfortunately, all our Armor had been badly damaged in Jabo attacks and were not fit for battle. When we arrived we quickly set up camp and found the C.O. to brief me on the situation. He had functional equipment but constant probing by the Allies had thinned his manpower. He wanted to know if I had people who could man his assault guns. I quickly volunteer our boys and went back to camp to supervise the set up and look for crews. Much to my delight I had no problem getting volunteers and we quickly got to over to the motor pool to see what they had. I was assigned the Stug III which was in really good shape and also a Hetzer was available so I assigned it to Lt Bauer who was still making his way to the airfield.

Our infantry was thin but the boys were in good spirits wanting to prove themselves against the Allies. We were informed that some top Generals would be making their way to the airfield to inspect the V-1 site which was part of our perimeter. We were to patrol and provide security while the Generals were here. I had a very uneasy feeling that the American swine were near. I could almost smell them.

When morning broke and the weather was good the Fieseler Storch was sent up to check for danger as the Generals made their approach. All seemed to be going well as the Generals were received and began their inspection of the Troopen. I suddenly heard the noise of tracks behind me and ordered my driver to move forward. Out of the woods behind us came an Armie Tank I have never seen before and fired a shot striking us in the rear and we came to an sudden halt. The PAK 36 gun crew raced over to help our stranded steed just as the C battery of our 88's fired a round taking out the would be interloper. In front of us were more Armie tanks, and the battle was on! A Sherman came screaming out of the woods when my alert gunner let go a round from our 75MM gun and took him out. By this time Lt Bauer's Hetzer joined the fight taking out a Stewart but was taken out himself by another Sherman. The 88 crews quickly made short work of the Sherman. I got my Stug moving and along with a 251 drove into the Allied hoard completely breaking them into retreat! The victory was ours and we had won the day.

Feeling we had won a small victory we had an uneasy feeling of what tomorrow may bring.

Thanks to everyone who came out for this event. I know I had a blast playing with Bob's toys. The Museum is coming along and should be done by next year. If you have not been to this event, I urge you to go next year. Bob Collings thinks the World of our Unit and entrusts us with his favorite toys which speaks volumes about our Unit! next event is Torrance hoping it happens and get to do some infantry!

Hohenstaufen VOR!

HauptScharfuhrer Jochien Michien

7th Company Hohenstaufen