Odessa AAR

June 13th 1944 near Caen France:

The train ride from the Eastern front was long and tiring but when word came down that the Allies had finally launched their attack on the shores of France we were dispatched quickly to stop them in their tracks. Finally, the battle we had trained for was upon us.

After a long train ride we arrived with our equipment and quickly set up camp. We were in very good shape as provisions had just arrived and there was plenty of food for all. For dinner we had our Beer ration and some very tasty bratwurst.

Morning came and after a somewhat chilly night, we prepared to set out for a day patrol to check the layout of the country side. After a hearty breakfast we geared up, and set out on patrol, always vigilant as Partisans had been in the area and we had to keep our guard up.
The patrol was uneventful and we continued checking our gear, cleaning our weapons, and preparing food and drink that was thankfully in abundance.

Reports came in from the field indicating the Allies were in the area and we were to prepare for action. The Oberstrumfuhrer was called to a meeting and in the morning we would be dispatched to guard a fuel dump for the Luftwaffe. However we did not have the numbers to guard the area properly. Elements from the 82nd airborne attacked in superior numbers and quickly over ran our position taking the high ground from us. We fell back, licked our wounds, and along with some FJ Trooppen came up with a plan of counter attack. After a long and tiring march around the outside of the position we set up for a sneak attack only to find they had abandoned the position and once again we were back at our original position.
After guarding the high ground for the rest of the day we awaited word from HQ if our efforts had been successful.

As always the Odessa event was good even though the Allies bested us this year. You have to take your hats off to the reenactors from the Big Red one and 82nd airborne troops. They had their act together and that resulted in some quality trigger time. We only lost by a ½ point so it wasn’t a white wash. The weather was chilly but great for sleeping and we had very little rain. Many thanks to our fearless leader Lt Josh, Randy, Lucas, and Peter for bringing so much food and Beer. I gained 6lbs in 4 days. Thankfully as of this date I have lost the 6 and another 5 thanks to my watching what I eat!

If you have never been to Odessa you should try and make it. It’s a great site and the event is run by a first rate group of reenactors. Next event is Stow. Hope to see you all there.

Haputsharfuhrer Jochien Michien
7th Company
9th SS Hohenstaufen