AAR - Odessa 2018 - September

Members of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 19 moved out in windy conditions to patrol their assigned sector for Allied activity. After several skirmishes with British Paratrooper scouts, sounds of battle could be heard from several directions. The steep and very hilly terrain did not allow for fast movement and stymied any motor transport through the area. After several brief and sharp engagements with US soldiers, contact was broken with losses on both sides. The members of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 19 acquitted themselves in battle with bravery. 

It is of note that Schutze Meinhard Falke, with extreme bravery, accounted for no less than 5 allied personnel, blunting their counter-attack. He stood alone against this attack, exemplifying Germanic virtues found in all Volksdeutsche.

In a later action Schutze Hans Kirchner was alone in an outpost position. Carefully camouflaging himself, he single handedly annihilated an attacking force of American paratroopers leaving 8 dead in a ditch that ran towards his position.

It was this Kreigsberichter's honor to witness these and many other acts of valor. The proud members of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 19 exemplify the best virtues of all German soldiers.
Returning to camp, the patrol members could settle into a meal of roasted chickens acquired locally from the civilian populace. The evening was capped off with well-earned good humor and kamaradenschaft  as the temperature dropped.

The next morning saw the departure of Allied forces into a temporary withdrawal, allowing our valiant combined forces of the SS and Wehrmacht to consolidate our lines and establish a defensive line. Regiment 19 personnel were then relieved by rested and fresh Heer troops and Regiment 19 was taken off of the line for rest and refitting to once again stand ready to combat those who would defile the Fatherland!

 GruB von die front,

     Oberscharführer Wilhelm Ritcher

     Kriegsberichter, II SS Panzer Korps