Remagen AAR, a Kriegsberichter view...

I have the unique ability to see the greater situation and observe.

Proud moment, when I was the first German to the kickoff point and then heard the rumble of armor and someone called out, here comes the 9th.

Proud moment #2. When Andrea and I registered and our unit list took 2 pages, while everyone else was a 1/4 to half page.

Great job to the NCOs in the morning battle, kept your squads together and pressed the attacks. You did not give the GIs time to assemble and counter. The movement was tactically sound and watching GIs flee made me laugh out loud.

I heard NCOs also repeating the mantra of hydration.

I got to see some damn jealous looks on my bike riding. Other units really envy not only the toys, but the camaraderie.

Thanks to Lucas and Leah for the whole freaking deli and Barbie and Andrea for the deserts.

I learned that Randy resembles a polar bear in the river. And that with my paleness I look like a dead body floating.

Josh and I got to talk on our own and marvel at what a family this unit really is. Welcome to the new guys, the "new" is temporary and will be replaced with "brother" in short order.

I for one am proud as hell at all the skills brought, from mechanical to logistical to our own drum corps!!!

I hope y'all enjoy the photos I took as well. I've been told I look like a trained circus bear on my photos, I'll stick to photos. You can view them here.

Oberscharführer Wilhelm Ritcher
II SS Pz.Kp.